The development of Telford continues into the new millennium unabated, its progress has meant the end of the old communities as we knew them, many say it is for the better and many are still opposed. Like it or loath it Telford's "United Community" must ensure the toil and strife endured in the past, was worthwhile.

How that succeeds depends to a great extent on the attitude of both the old & the new residents, as a Shropshire Lad, the author can and will stand his ground, but will also defend the need for non discriminatory attitude's. I for one get sick to the back teeth of hearing so called " locals " muttering the following to " incomers "....."When you've lived here as long as I have Bla! Bla! Bla!". History shows that this locality has been enriched by the abilities of so many "incomers", there seems no reason to doubt the need for their arrival in the future.

With due credit to the mind and sincerity of D. Hoof , this site is happy to reproduce the story of Telford The Giant .

Telford, the giant, stepped into our Shire, "I only eat pitmounds," said the untruthful sire.

For having devoured the mounds and waste ground, he started on farmland which once did abound. Poor little Stirchley , asleep in the sun, He opened his jaw and lo! it was gone. Dark Lane got buried beneath his great weight Old Park still lies in a desolate state.

He nibbled round Dawley . but left the main street, Madeley lay trampled beneath his great feet. Hadley and Trench disappeared in one swallow. Leegomery , naturally, was next to follow. The Oakengates road was merely a bite, for nothing could satisfy his appetite. Consuming the land he developed a thirst The Valley and Middle at Wombridge soon went.

He fancied The Ercall and took out a slice but having decided it wasn't quite nice, he laid down some concrete in yards by the score and numbered his new road ~ M 54 . Now all of a sudden his passion was roads, where they all lead to, God only knows, but traffic pours down them in unceasing streams, as people escape town in search of their dreams Of mind healing quiet, if such should remain., it was once on the doorstep, before Telford came.

He dispensed with the buses of Ashley & Brown , plus Elcock 's and Smith 's, all of local renown. Then amidst great confusion that made people cuss, he introduced Leyland 's Red masterpiece ~ Tellus . Islands appeared like mushrooms galore, Traffic signs stand where trees stood before. Of footpaths the giant cannot eat his fill, Wild life and plants are just grist to the mill.

Gardens, cottages, lanes and green fields, Towns and villages. Everything yields to the jaws of the giant that daily demands The unquestioning forfeit of houses and lands. The people grew angry and tried to resist, But he crushed small communities in his great fist. " I've made a Town Park with a giant sundial, A lookout, a lake now why can't you smile ?, The Silkin Way gives you a long easy walk, Thousands of newcomers to who you can talk. And down Ironbridge , I've dug up the ground and put on display all the relics I've found."

"But we liked it before," the local folk said. Telford the giant shook his huge head. " Once before in this area progress brought change, perhaps when I've gone time will arrange for nature to cover up, with her green dress, errors I've made which have caused such distress. Then peace and contentment will once again flower, Just like The Pit Mounds I came to devour.".

editors comment's : Mr Hoof's poem has rightfully included "poetic verb", but Elcock s continue to go from strength to strength having just celebrated their 70th anniversary, their continued success is due in no small part to the expertise of Mr D Ashley who became a director of the Coach & Tour Operator. A T Brown had their problems, but a recent take-over has seen the company expand by becoming the main travel operator conveying pupils of The Thomas Telford School . Smith 's regrouped and can still be seen around the UK operating from Donnington & Oakengates as Britannia International. Mr Gerald Smith is a vice president of The Football Conference , the main feeder league for clubs wishing to enter The Football League .