The Old and The New

IronBridge Station 1897

Telford's emergence as one of the United Kingdom's more progressive communities, has not happened over-night, only time will tell if the original plan's for DAWLEY "New Town", were a bureaucratic dream or a real piece of pure "Genius" from our decision makers. The decision to name what was once one of the country's, most scarred landscapes, Telford...... ,demonstrated beyond doubt, Democracy Does Work.

The price of that freedom, hopefully shown in these pages's, meant many sacrifices and sadly the lives of so many were lost, to progress. The process continues into the unknown. Madeley "is" very much a part of Telford, as is Dawley and all the communities in the Wrekin District.

Apt! perhaps, is a quick cliché , when you consider the Wrekin Landmark that greets visitors to our County of Shropshire, is Natures own reminder, to tell us all! " What we take out of the Earth, we must return to the Earth". That original philosophy (not!) is probably the real inner reason why these pages have been published. The future here!?..... More progress!?...... Perhaps Telford will become a CITY in its own right!?

Our Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, officially opened Telford New Town's first "New Homes" in the 1960's.....all these years since, Telford has in natures own way, already become "The Forest City!" Did one of our bureaucrats put his ears to the Earth, to be told Madeley and Telford belongs to the Earth?

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Allan Phillips