Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
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Inspired Nostalgia!

Battle of Briton Memorial

Lancaster Bomber


Battle in the sky

On a beautifully warm summer's afternoon in 1997, the sound of leather on willow and the cry's of "How's That!" echoed around the Madeley Cricket Ground, as another visiting team's wicket fell. Suddenly the unmistakable drone of aircraft approaching, drowned out the celebrating Player's and Supporters.

There in the Sky above Meadow Pit Mound, The Cricket Club and Meadow Cottage's, were the famous "Few" the Royal Airforce Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's.

Meadow Pit/Cricket Aerial Shot! Flying Bombers
Lancaster Bomber!, with it's two little friend's. The Spitfire and The Hurricane. A sight to behold as they flew past, on another nostalgic mission.

It was in those brief moment's that Meadow Pit Memorial Gardens, received its "Inspiration".

A painting has now been commissioned to recapture that special event

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