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Local Heroes & Celebrities

Thomas Telford 1757 - 1834
Thomas Telford
(1757 - 1834)
Appointed County Surveyor of Shropshire in 1787,
designed and built Madeley Parish Church.
William Ambrose (Billy) Wright
(1924 - 1994)
Wolverhampton Wanderers and England
Footballing Legend, born locally and went onto Captain his Country.
(Known to have used Meadow Pit Mound, for fitness training whilst a member of The Wrekin Boy's Team)
Edith Pargeter (Authoress)
Internationally renowned as ELLIS PETERS, author of the famed "Brother Cadfael" Medieval Monk detective book's. Read by million's through out the World. "The Dame of our Parish" was a regular user of the surrounding's. Her home, where most of her writing was undertaken, is close by. "Shrewsbury's Abbey Quest" project, is now a major tourist attraction, but here in Madeley it's serenity helped to launch hour's of captivated reading for Brother Cadfael's staunch follower's.
Edith Pargeter (1913 - 1995)
Richie Woodhall
Richie, after year's of dedication and commitment to the Sport of Boxing, gained an Olympic Silver Medal at the 1988 tournament He achieved International Status, by winning The World's WBC Super-Middle Weight title, in 1998. He retained the title against the Italian Vincenzo Nardiello in Newcastle on Saturday, February 13th 1999.

Richie a former pupil of The Abraham Darby School, regularly trains for his fight's, on The Pit Mound. To this day the school's pupil's use the footpath and road way of the Garden's for their "Compulsory" Cross-Country exercise. A "chore", Richie Woodhall, has enriched with his sporting success.

"Nothing Great Is Easy"

Capt M Webb

Born in Dawley, he became a National Hero in 1875 by becoming the first man to swim the English channel, he lost his life attempting to swim the Niagara Rapids in 1883.

Dedicated pages about Matthew Webb have been included on this site (Captain Webb), whilst in Dawley, close to the site of his birthplace, Captain Webb's Monument is to under go renovation work.